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Clarion Marketing

A clear call to ACTION.

After 30+ years of creativity and community, Clarion has closed its doors. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and for the opportunity to creatively collaborate. Please enjoy our companies history through this site.

It is Clarion’s responsibility to help our clients identify that purpose and see that it permeates every interaction our clients and their brands have with customers, distributors, supplier-partners, employees and the media.

Through consistent messaging, beautiful product experiences, and integrity, all corporate and brand communications should perpetuate that single idea of exactly who the marketer is and what it stands for.

In its simplest form, the Clarion Approach translates to one directive for all our clients: “Say What You Do, and Do What You Say.”

SAY What You Do…DO What You Say!
The essence of the Clarion Philosophy…and the emphasis for all communication and implementation emanating from our collaboration with a client’s management team.

Clarion Marketing is a non-traditional, consortium-based agency…equipping clients with a clear, strategic perspective  with definitive “next steps” participation in implementation

Internal communication is our consuming passion.
Our “…SAY What You Do…and DO What You Say!” philosophy seems simplistic…but it’s crucial for establishing the proper internal environment and helping accomplish the organization’s sales and marketing objectives.

Expertise. At Your Service


With a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, Clarion  has helped both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies bring their products and services to market. We engage our clients in a disciplined, creative process that results in a meaningful, unique brand positioning and a distinctive brand image, targeted at uniquely identified key audiences.

Product Development

Clarion has a unique history of developing, engineering, and building successful digital & physical products for our clients and ourselves. Our Clarion Consortium allows us to bring non-traditional agency services (like Product Design, Customer Development, and Engineering) to discover, develop and promote our clients’ products from inception to tangible market delivery.

Market Identification

Clarion will see to it that your brand messages will be engaging and consistent across every marketing communications vehicle and discipline. Because every interaction with your customers presents an opportunity to build your brand, we employ a strategic approach to help you leverage it and protect it.

Internal Communications

Internal communications is a passion of ours. Our Say What You Do, and Do What You Say philosophy is simple, but crucial for establishing the proper internal environment and helping accomplish the organization’s sales and marketing objectives. Talk with us about creating an effective, measurable, internal campaign for your company.

Web & Apps

Whether you need to build a new website, improve your existing site’s SEO performance, develop a Mobile App, or just generate professional-looking digital assets, Clarion Marketing will help you define your online strategies and create the tools necessary to optimize your online presence. We have proven experience for any platform  you can imagine.

Video & Animation

With one of the few infinity cyc walls in the St. Louis region, Clarion offers video production, post-production, animation and motion graphics, and still photography services. Our skilled team uses the latest video equipment and post-production software, to create training and promotional videos, sizzle reels, motion graphics, special effects… all of it.

Synergy and Efficiency Emerge When Strengths and Opportunities
 Precisely Mesh Together

Simply stated… the Clarion Consortium™  can provide a powerful vehicle to exponentially leverage the diverse experiential strengths, proprietary technologies, complex capabilities, complete competencies, and extensive skill sets provided by each individual member company as a unified aggregate.

 Through a disciplined process, Clarion uncovers the right opportunities for our clients and brings together the right resources to help them succeed. Those resources include the right people — at the right time —with the right tools — in the right places.  

We call this process “calibrated collaboration.”

Fine Tuned and Calibrated for the Best Results

Clarion Consortium™ will be selected for service based ONLY upon your precise requirements determined through extensive deliberation with you and your management team.

In other words, ONLY the right people — at the right time —with the right tools — in the right places will be engaged to work for you. There will be no “spare parts grinding the gears” and bogging down the mechanism…inappropriately consuming your investment of resources: time, money, and talent.

 The result? Having the Clarion Consortium™ in your wheelhouse will give your business added horsepower…without adding unnecessary expense.

Small Town USA… It’s Time to Return™

Enthusiasm, Hope, and Renewal

This is an exciting time in the history of our nation’s small towns! A potential new “American Revolution”, led by enthusiastic small-town leadership groups, is yielding some encouraging indicators including:

  • – Community Collaboration and Problem Solving: A multi-generational compilation of creative minds, experienced leaders, and inspired entrepreneurs are collaborating to nurture growing small towns.
  • – Civic Engagement and Investment: Residents desire a thriving community, and are supporting and investing in the growth of their local economy.
  • – Classic “Can-Do Spirit”: Linking arms with their neighbors and leaders, small towns are coming together and accomplishing more than ever before.
  • – Increased Job Numbers: Because of the growth in the local economy, jobs are being produced, giving community members an opportunity live, work, and play in their own Small Town USA™.
  • – Flourishing Entrepreneurship: It’s the “Mom and Pop Shop 2.0”! Entrepreneurs are enhancing small town appeal, yet marketing at global level, raising awareness and attracting potential visitors and residents.
  • – Returning Talent: Bright minds and inspired creatives are returning to Small Town USA™ to lay down roots.
  • – Downtown Revitalization: Appealing to the community, Small Town USA™ is being revitalized, restored, and renewed both financially and aesthetically.

Small Town USA… It’s Time to Return™

A Respect for Leadership

Small Town USA™ thrives when there is a mutual respect between the leaders, business owners, and residents. The Clarion Consortium™ shares the same respect for all members of leadership, and succeeds when:

  • - Leadership is Informed: Open communication is a constant with the Clarion Consortium™. This is the root of our philosophy to say what you do… and do what you say.
  • - Leadership is invited: We can’t do this without you. You are always part of the collaborative process.
  • -  We Listen: Voices are heard and acknowledged from both leadership and the community. (We also strategically apply what we hear.)
  • - Leadership is Empowered: Respected leaders take their community into a healthy, prosperous future.
  • - Leadership is Elevated: Respected leaders receive trust and engagement from their community.

Small Town USA… It’s Time to Return™

A Proposal for Partnership

Growing Small Town USA™ is a collaborative effort, requiring key strengths, talents, and assets. The Clarion Consortium™ , a highly-calibrated team, would like the opportunity to come alongside your leadership and community to:

  • – Elevate Leadership: We work with you to support your leadership efforts.
  • – Overcome Obstacles: We identify the most critical hindrances of growth.
  • – Seek Prosperity: We work to identify the most viable opportunities.
  • – Chart a Course: We are masters of strategy, working with you to create viable solutions.
  • – Seek to Understand: We engage the entire community in meaningful dialog.
  • – Rally the Troops: We work to engage the entire community in active participation.
  • – Offer Talent & Solutions: We come alongside you, providing the unique talent and
    technologies needed to promote and grow your Small Town USA™.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“The Clarion Marketing team fully invested themselves in our Tribal Community. They took a genuine interest in the wellbeing and prosperity of our tribe.  Clarion helped us on several initiatives related to branding for our Casino as well as helping expose our leaders to new economic development opportunities.  

The Clarion team is a true partner for your organization; they take a very diligent and disciplined approach to learning your business as well as listening to your challenges as an organization.  Through this process Clarion will develop a plan to help you meet those challenges.  One unique principle of the Clarion group is the depth of the experience behind the consortium.  The Clarion team has a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience that will help you move your organization to the next level.  

Clarion brought our Economic Development Board diverse types of economic opportunities that fit our community’s vision for the future.  Working in Native America can be challenging for outsiders.  The Clarion team showed respect for our Leadership and took the time to listen to us.  The team worked diligently to ensure that every member understood the economic opportunities and obstacles. Every member had an opportunity to express his or her concerns and doubts as well as optimism and support for all concepts.  As Chairman of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Council I was pleased with Clarion’s collaborative methods, expertise, insight and integrity.”  

Stephen R. Ortiz “Monwah”
Retired Chairman Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation


Live and 3-D animated video has become the dominant device for web sites and social media communications. Clarion’s Creative Team carefully crafts concise scripts enhanced by compelling visuals and awesome audio. Utilizing state-of-the-art video and 3-D animation technologies…the result is dynamic messaging and branding devices that command attention, demand action and drives sales

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Clarion was asked to develop promotional materials to generate awareness for the Saint Louis University volleyball team’s annual fundraiser. The in-season event, a party held at the newly renovated Linen Lofts, featured live bands and food from several area restaurants. Clarion created a contemporary look that accomplished the objectives of quickly communicating the pertinent details of the event, and providing appropriate visibility for the promotional partners participating in the successful fundraiser.

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When Prairie Band Casino & Resort constructed one of the top golf courses in the state of Kansas, the casino property achieved real resort status. Clarion designed a website that spotlighted the first-class features of this hidden gem of a resort, located in Mayetta, KS on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Reservation. The new site showcases the range of gaming, dining, golf and entertainment options available at Prairie Band and Clarion’s SEO work keeps generating solid search results.

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When Comcast restructured its Central Division into the company’s largest and introduced new leadership, Clarion was asked to create an internal communications initiative. This ongoing initiative has a number of components and The Power of One™ theme that emphasizes the importance of every employee, doing his/her best at each task, every day.

Clarion also introduced a reward and recognition component, The Power of 100,000™ that awarded prizes to regions within the Central Division that met monthly targets along the way to surpassing a collective, year-end stretch goal by 100,000 units.

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Clarion was asked to create an image campaign to raise awareness for Air Evac Lifeteam, the air ambulance service, in the rural markets it serves. The campaign theme “When It Comes To Critical Care, It’s About Time,” leverages Air Evac’s strength of getting patients to emergency care, usually in half the time of ground ambulance service. The campaign included image-building radio spots and print and direct mail testimonials from patients that were airlifted by Air Evac Lifeteam to receive critical care.

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Consistently ranked among the top general contractors in the country, Paric Corporation asked Clarion to re-energize the Paric brand and help differentiate the company from other regional design/build firms. Clarion conducted in-depth management interviews to capture not just the tangible aspects of what separates Paric from its competitors, but also the emotional and entrepreneurial spirit of the organization.

Clarion delivered “The Next Level Starts Here,”  campaign that revealed Paric’s unique approach to design/build projects and served as a rallying cry for excellence within the organization. The brand messages were integrated into all print, collateral and electronic marketing materials.

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Clarion Marketing’s patented Metric Mouse™ computer mouse is a prime example of start-to-finish product development.

The high-quality optical computer mouse functions like any typical mouse…except that it provides an individual interface for customer access to a company’s website with a simple click of the scroll wheel!

With advanced analytic and metrics Clarion’s patented re-direct technology is a powerful analytic tool in the arsenal of Internet marketers looking for a competitive communication edge.
Almost any shape with full color branding for constant top of desk and top of mind awareness

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Clarion was asked to help create a communication model for a nationally
respected animal feed producer, spearheaded by a network
of research nutritionists, whose senior managers were justifiably
skeptical of industry advertising trends using overstated product claims.

Clarion collaborated with these NH managers to adopt a discipline
incorporating validated nutritional research culminating in
understated yet compelling product claims. The program reflected the
company's sincere, scientific heritage in all media.

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What Others Are Saying.

Clarion is one of those marketing resources that are critical to a fast paced business; they can quickly take on projects that we do not have the headcount or expertise to support in-house.   If your business is looking to add some marketing and advertising “horsepower,” I would highly recommend the Clarion team.

Senior Vice President - Marketing and Sales
@ Comcast

Clarion was instrumental in the design and marketing of the website for Prairie Band Casino & Resort. One attribute that I feel is paramount to Clarion is their attention to detail. Clarion works diligently to gain a full understanding of their client's business model and listens to their challenges when formulating a Strategic Plan. Their drive for excellence and understanding of the Casino's needs helped us to maximize our web presence as well as executing a Strategic Branding campaign that pulled all of our elements together for a successful project.

Retired Chairman
@ Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation

When we wanted to enhance the Paric brand image, we turned to Clarion, and they guided us through a very disciplined, strategic branding process. Not only has this exercise enhanced our brand image to our external audiences, the creative rings true inside the organization – and that was an important component of Clarion’s process.

The campaign has energized our employees while we continue to deliver the exceptional service that we’ve always delivered to Paric customers.
Executive VP @ Paric

I’ve enjoyed the professionalism, friendliness, creativity and ability to bring my projects on budget and on time.  I do recommend Clarion Marketing highly to any prospective clients.

Director of Marketing
@ CenturyTel of Missouri

With Clarion's support, we were able to negotiate a substantial discount with a major manufacturer of solar viewing glasses that encouraged the purchase of more than 500,000 solar viewing glasses by area organizations.

Task Force Chair
@ St. Louis Eclipse

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